DO IT Mentor:10 lessons I learnt from my Mentor


Since I came in contact with my mentor, I have learnt a lot. Having started my business quest with no mentor or guidance, I relied solely on the knowledge I gained from extensive studying of business books and articles I read online.

Though I cannot write off the knowledge I gained from myself study, but I can boldly tell you that having an active mentor is one of the best things that has happened to my company and my life in general. One thing a mentors knows how to do is motivating the mentee to success ­­­­­­–yea that is one of the main things I have gained from having a mentor. On that note, I will be running through a list of lessons I have learnt from my “DO IT MENTOR”.

Like the Mentor will always say “JUST DO IT”:

Been someone who has procrastination as a “watchword” ( haha yea you heard me right,  I do probably dine with procrastination if it ever existed as human being.), my mentor never gave room for such things as procrastination. He will always say “Just Do It”, there is never a right time, go out there and make the time right. Guess you now know the reason why I call him the “do it” mentor.

Take more actions:

Reading without applying the knowledge gained from reading is as good as useless. However, a knowledge put into practice is wisdom in action. Under the guidance of my mentor, I was able to take more business action in two months than I have done in one year.

Enjoy Making Mistakes:

The joy derived from making mistakes is the lesson learnt from it. To a lay mind, making mistake is bad thing, but this is not true, because mistakes create an avenue for learning. Like my “Do IT” mentor will always say “go out there and dominate, make mistakes but remember, you are not permitted repeat the same mistake over again”.

Always make a “What I did List”:

Just like you make the normal” to do list”, have you ever considered making a” what-you-did list”? This seems to be very effective; as it helps you analyze how effectively you handle your day to day activity.

Strike a balance:

If you want to be a good leader, then you should be a 3600 leader. My “do it” mentor always tells me to strike a balance between my work, private life and my relationship with people.


I always get so buried in what I do, that I forgot that some part of business success depends on the network that I have created. My “Do it” mentor always attend a British-Lebanese Business meeting, this meeting serves as an avenue for him to network.

Do Not Be Busy, Be Productive:

You must not get involved in every activity that comes your way. Be choosy and always go for that activity where been productive is the priority.

Do Not Kickoff, If You Are Not Ready to Serve:

After launching the company website, my “do it” mentor took a look at the website and commended me on the optimization and the mobile friendliness of the site, after which he then dropped the bombshell; “do not kick off, if you are not ready to serve”.



Focus on Creating Value, Not Product:

Do not create product, create value and people will buy your value inform of a product.

Use the 4MS to motivate yourself:

My “Do it” mentor always tell me to make use of the 4MS to motivate myself instead of “will power”. As a popular saying goes, it is easier to motivate yourself with your drive than to use will power. Having the right motivation behind your tasks eliminates procrastination.

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