My cousin and I were going to design a birthday card for someone. We got all materials ready- cardboards, gum, markers and scissors. I was waiting for her to start when she said, “tell me what to do and I’ll do it”. It’s not that I was a wizard at designing cards but I found out something- she just couldn’t start it.

Oh yes! By nature, not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur (my hypothesis though), but if man can soar higher than even the eagle (by going to outer space I mean), then everyone can be an entrepreneur. Some people claim that such lines of thought as entrepreneurship are not meant for them by virtue of who they are. Then I got to work analysing, using my cousin as a case study. First of all, my cousin thinks she has

1. SELF-RESPECT because she knows what she’s capable of doing. But I see it as LOW SELF-ESTEEM because I think she feels she’s not capable of handling certain things and by that, she may never uncover the hidden potentials in her. My cousin also believes she’s

2. NOT GREEDY and CONTENTED because she thinks people are just to full of themselves that they want to be on their own making so much money. And she asked me, ” if everybody becomes the head, who’ll work for them if they must become big? Animals?” But it seems more like, “I’m TOO LAZY to stress my brain for ideas”. More than that, she’s

3. RESERVED and CAREFUL. She’s trying not to lose what she already has by trying to get more. (Entrepreneurship is 30% certainty and 70% risk). I see it as, she’s scared of TAKING RISKS. Another thing I’ve observed about her is

4. FEAR. (Read previously posted: 5 mind stimuli that can make or mar you). She’s scared. She says she doesn’t want to hurt people. It’s more like she doesn’t want to get hurt herself.

FREE ADVICE: Know who you are. Cause if you have a mindset like the one above, you’ll keep missing opportunities.

Partnership or working to get paid isn’t bad, but I think entrepreneurship is the BEST.


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