Zang Technologies is raising the Youth Workforce in Plateau State through Tech

The youths of any nation make up most of the workforce population of such a nation. They are known to be energetic and coupled with the zeal to participate in various technological innovations.

However, despite the growing population of youths in Nigeria, majority of them are still very much unemployed. The youth unemployment rate has tripled from 19% in January, 2016 to reach 54.40% in 2021.
For years now the technology sector has become one of the highest employing industries for university graduates.

Technology companies are rooted deeply in investing heavily in youth empowerment through technological innovations. One of such companies aimed at empowering the workforce of youths in Nigeria, especially in Plateau state is Zang Technologies.

Zang Technologies is a digital innovative company that has been in the lime light for some time now. It was founded by Zang Bot Luka a resident of Jos and has been running for over 4 years now.

The company is aimed at identifying ways to make life easier by solving real life challenges through their inventions, creativity and technological innovations as well as, the provision of excellent products for maximum customer satisfaction in Africa.

Although its present staff is made up of only 10 individuals, all youths between the ages of 25-30, they have been able to accomplish a lot and earn many awards and recognitions. They have outstanding projects like the Sand Sieving Machine, Power Banks and the Computer Foot Mouse for the disabled.
Zang technologies is still employing as many youths as possible with interest and skills in digital marketing, ICT knowledge and digital creativity.

The Foot Mouse

Speaking with CRESTHUB, Zang Luka, CEO- Zang Technologies explained that one does not necessarily have to be learned or have obtained a university degree to work with his company.

“A person with the minimum of the SSCE School leaving certificate and can read and write well, speaks well of course and is able to offer and promote to the growth of Zang Technologies is more than qualified to work with us”.

Power Banks

Despite being a very young techpreneur and working alongside people of his age group, Zang has been able to create a very good working relationship with his staff and has effectively managed his company through perseverance and hard work.

“I want the youths on the Plateau to do away with this mental believe system of I am going to school, then graduate and meet a good job. Our country is not the way it used to be. Many undergraduates will not find the jobs they sincerely intend to have, some may not find any at all. It is up to us to create an enabling environment for ourselves, by establishing jobs through our talents, business ideas and passion for various tech and hand related skills.”