Four Reasons Why Artists Need Active Social Media Pages

Like the gospel taught in different languages, tribes and religion, so is the advocacy for artists to have active social media pages.  
The world is often referred to a global village with a widespread of connectivity(courtesy the wide area network) and hence the pressing need to have an active social media lifestyle as an artist. 
The business of artistry is one to be taught, learnt, known and understood and below are four reasons why you need an artist social media page;

1. For Visibility

2. Access to Global Opportunities

3. For Easy Distribution

4. Access to Endorsements and other deals  

1.  You are known and visible to the global space. Your music isn’t subjected to only your locality or neighbouring environment. If your eyes are at either the Grammy or BET or Oscars, you need a social media page for recognition and accessibility. 

 2.  There are opportunities at your doorsteps. Record labels with pro-efficient AR and HR networking usually scout for talents on the internet. So, your social media page is a window to exposing your music to their ears. Examples of such people who were signed or enrolled into the showbiz are Blaqbonez, Justin Bieber and Fireboy just to mention but a few. 

 3. Your music has an audience and a credible market place. In time past, people banked on the sales of CDs, concerts, royalties and album releases as a means of selling their music but lately, there has been a change. At the click of a button, your music is shared to as many people as possible even without your knowledge of the vast reach. You get your royalties and everything affiliated with it once distributed.

 4.  You’re an easy target for brand endorsements and promotion. Following your posts and engagements, companies beckon on you to leverage on your platform to either endorse or promote a business or product. Your network of influence becomes their selling point and also, a sure guarantee for product visibility.   All these have been carefully enumerated for the sake of intending and existing artists to have a base, place and business on the social media. Learn, know, understand and teach others.

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